Mamou-Mani Architects presents Fab.Pub, an ambitious new 3D printing platform, at Singapore Design Week

Using sugar-based 3D printing, Fab.Pub aims to transform production on a global scale 

London, 22 September 2023 – Unveiled at Singapore Design Week, Mamou-Mani Architects presents Altostrata: a large-scale 3D printed pavilion crafted entirely from compostable sugar-based polylactic acid (PLA). Spotlighting new technology to reimagine sustainable design, Altostrata has been created using the new mobile 3D printing platform, Fab.Pub.

On display at FIND – Design Fair Asia, from 21 - 23 September 2023, Altostrata is an undulating structure creating a curved pavilion and a physical representation of Fab.Pub’s circular design vision. Housed within, visitors will discover 3D printed objects and furniture created using the technology, and be introduced to the company’s vision to create a series of mobile printing factories on a global scale.

The pavilion and display are centred around the four circular principles of reduce, repurpose, reuse, recycle. The structure’s sustainable, sugar-based panels minimise waste, resource and consumption, while also enabling a flexible design that can be reconfigured and easily transported in order to take on new forms and functionalities beyond its current purpose. 

Set to revolutionise circular technology, Fab.Pub opens unlimited possibilities for digital fabrication at every scale by providing a rich community of industry pioneers and access to cutting-edge 3D printing machines. Available via global mobile factories, Fab.Pub supports the use of local, renewable, and recyclable materials, reducing waste and carbon emissions. ​ 

Arthur Mamou-Mani said: “Our mission with Fab.Pub is to create a global movement that enables companies and individuals to fabricate at a local scale. Through mobile 3D printing farms and a global community, we can transform the production process, not just through easy access to our factories but also through the sustainable materials we use to create. Singapore is a fascinating location for the start of this journey, a city with design and innovation at its heart, and we are so excited to reveal what we have been working on.”

During Singapore Design Week, Altostrata hosts a series of Pavilion talks focussed on a variety of topics, from the potential of artificial intelligence ​ to reshape interior design to bringing renewable materials into the mainstream. Conceived as a travelling installation, Altostrata will exhibit next at Dubai Design Week this November, before popping up in Europe in early 2024. 


Notes to Editors 

For PR requests, please contact Camron:

Priya Suman, Account Director 

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Jordan Lewis, Director 

Altostrata exhibited at FIND - Design Fair Asia from 21 - 23rd September, which takes place at Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level 1 Halls A, B, C. Registration is HERE. 

Arthur Mamou-Mani will also be panellist on Design Unbound: Breaking Frontiers with Manufacturing and Material Innovations at the FIND - Global Summit, on Thursday 21 September.

About Mamou-Mani 

Mamou-Mani is a unique architectural practice specialising in digitally-designed and fabricated architecture, custom products and interfaces. We now also offer Parametric Consultancy and Designs for the Metaverse. Mamou-Mani ​ believes in innovation, and works with clients all over the world to create unique spaces, pieces, and experiences that inspire the mind and up-lift the soul. Mamou-Mani creates, makes and designs, at its fabrication facility, Fab.Pub.

As an award-winning international RIBA chartered practice, its unique approach has given the studio the opportunity to realise ambitious visions. A collaborative culture has seen Mamou-Mani with a variety of artists, designers and brands around the world who are courageously redefining their fields.







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